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Oregon United FC, European Pro Soccer Consulting, and DARYSE Academy Announce Pioneering Partnership

**Portland, OR, Cologne, Germany, Liverpool, UK, & Lecce, Italy** – In an unprecedented collaboration, Oregon United FC (OUFC) and DARYSE Academy are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the player pathway from the United States to European soccer. This alliance will offer young athletes a unique opportunity to train and compete in Italy, one of the world's most esteemed soccer nations.

“This partnership is the missing link to the broken American ecosystem of player development. Too many talented players between 17-23 are not being given the opportunity to achieve their dreams of playing professionally.” ~ European Pro Soccer Consulting (EPSC)

Daniel Russell, DARYSE UK Director and Liverpool FC Academy Scout, remarked, "Being involved in scouting and coaching at one of the UK's top clubs, I see this partnership as a groundbreaking initiative. It's a fantastic opportunity for young players to gain exposure and experience at the highest levels of European soccer."

“MJ Tate, CEO of OUFC Foundation**, said, "This partnership is not just a milestone for Oregon United FC but a monumental leap for American soccer. By joining forces with DARYSE Academy, we are ensuring that our players have access to world-class training, exposure, and opportunities that will set them on a path to success in the European soccer landscape."

**Chris Barker, DARYSE Global Director of Scouting, commented, "This partnership is a testament to the global reach and influence of both organizations. With my network spanning key footballing nations and comprising a diverse array of professionals, I can confidently say that this alliance will open doors for young talent like never before."

**Jonas Sela, CEO of DARYSE Academy**, added, "We are incredibly excited to collaborate with OUFC. Our shared vision will allow us to offer young American talent a comprehensive soccer experience in Italy, where they will be mentored by the best and compete against top-tier teams."

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

1. **Living the Italian Dream**: Players will have the chance to immerse themselves in Italy's rich culture, famous for its art, history, and world-class cuisine.

2. **Elite Competition**: Athletes will play showcase games against renowned teams like Juventus and AS Roma, providing invaluable experience and exposure.

3. **Coaching by Soccer Legends**: Players will be mentored by Serie A superstar Fabrizio Miccoli and other professional players, receiving elite-level instruction from Coach’s who were elite players.

4. **Tailored Accommodations for Athletes**: From nutrition to recovery, all aspects of the athletes' well-being will be catered to, ensuring peak performance, and minimal distractions.

5. **Safety and Security**: Both OUFC and DARYSE Academy prioritize the safety of their athletes, offering a secure environment for players to focus on their development.

6. **Career Advancement**: In addition to soccer training, athletes will have the opportunity to earn industry certifications in scouting, adding a unique dimension to their professional growth.

Additional Information

**Oregon United FC**: Based in Portland, Oregon, OUFC is committed to developing successful youth in sport and in life. Their programs range from Junior Development Academies to competitive leagues for older players.

**DARYSE Academy**: Lecce Italy, Led by Serie A superstar Fabrizio Miccoli, DARYSE Academy offers player-centered development and the opportunity to learn from and play against top-flight clubs in Italy.

This partnership between Oregon United FC (, DARYSE Talent Discovery Mobile App ( and DARYSE Academy ( is set to be a game-changer in the world of youth soccer, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young athletes to chase their European soccer dreams while receiving an unparalleled education both on and off the field.

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