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DARYSE Academy
Ex-Palermo footballer
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Our goal

Prepare you for European top-tier football. Developing you in a  fully professional environment. Leaving no checks unmarked! Obsessing over the finest details because that's what separates good players and the best. 
At DARYSE Academy we will truly prepare you for the football's elite level!
Fabrizio Miccoli


DARYSE Academy UEFA licensed Head Coach

With over 100 goals scored in the Italy's top-tier, the superstar of Italian football will share his wealthy knowledge that will profoundly impact your development as a player. 

Fabrizio Miccoli
Head coach

European academy's UEFA licensed assistant coach

More than 10 years of experience in many different countries.
60+ players he has coached have achieved their first professional contract. His ability to adapt to the player needs sets him apart as a master of player development!

Stefano Greco
Assistant coach

Strength & Conditioning

With a focus on precision and personalization, our dedicated Strength and Conditioning Coach works alongside our coaching staff to create tailored training programs. Through monthly reporting and meticulous analysis, we continuously adapt and refine your regimen to optimize your physical performance.

With our high-intensity training schedule and with games being played every week, it will be crucial for you to be physically and mentally resilient, maintaining peak performance levels throughout your whole stay.

Goalkeeper Training

At DARYSE Academy, our Goalkeeping Coach will work with goalkeepers on a daily basis, focusing on improving every aspect of their game. Goalkeepers will receive individual training during each training session, providing them with specialized drills and exercises designed specifically for goalkeepers.

Our Goalkeeping Coach works closely with the coaching staff to identify key phylosophies within the way we want to play. He will explain you all the details, so you can perform every week at the highest level.
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